MakeMKV 1.10.8 adds support for unencrypted Ultra HD Blu-ray movies

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The popular movie converter MakeMKV now also supports unencrypted Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, previously also DVDFab added support for such discs. While the ability to only convert unencrypted Ultra HD Blu-ray movies seems useless, it’s not.

Well my gosh why me, wait I have to buy software to first decrypt and then use this? Kinda a waste when most if no all UHBD will be encrypted. I doubt major movies will go unprotected just so you can use this software. And then you have to give a leg/arm for the software to decrypt it and the then assuming it is even worth while to do it is another matter-to get the results

@coolcolors, Having the option to beat the ‘uncrackable’ 4K UHD discs doesn’t come cheap,but at least we have the possibility now…and IMHO,that’s the most important part…:bowdown:
Every1 has to decide for him/herself if that possibility is worth the money,according to that person’s needs…:givewink:
About MakeMKV itself,it’s a fine program,but you don’t need it if you only wanna play the rips,you just need it for conversion into another format and while technically speaking,MakeMKV is not free,ATM the monthly key reset for the beta is the only ‘problem’ you run into…
And if you wanna convert the 4K UHD rip into another format with a real freebie,just load the index.bdmv from the rip in MKVToolnix…:givewink:

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Hi all last night I did a copy of Jason Bourne Ultra HD Blu-ray in iso unencrypted with DVDFab 64 (bit) everything was fine including DTS:X

Then I run it with MakeMKV 1.10.8 unencrypted Ultra HD Blu-ray to make movie only and DTS:X didn’t show up only DTS Master Audio 7.1 and with DVDFab 64 (bit) I had no problem with DTS:X any idea what’s wrong with MakeMKV 1.10.8 unencrypted?
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