MakeMKV 1.10.10 released - now able to rip 484 different Ultra HD Blu-ray titles


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The author of MakeMKV released an update for his software today. Version 1.10.10 adds support for AACS v64 and fixes some bugs concerning the stability. The software now supports ripping 484 different Ultra HD Blu-ray titles.


Great news more supported Movies.and up to version AACS V64 I was wondering about that if they would be able to go beyond V61. :smiley:


Important to keep in mind that the v64 MKB is for AACS 1.0. As of right now, v61 is the latest MKB for AACS 2.0.


Thanks for the info.


Glad to help :wink:


Mike keeps adding more titles new ones released today.