Makeing VCDs

I am trying to convert a file format unknown to VCD. I have downloaded, Xing MPG encoder, and it works fine, except it does not encode the sound.

I have WinOnCD 3.7 for making of the vcd, once converted, but the curent file format is not supported by it.

How can I ecode it in a format that will be supported, and still have sound

Any Help would be very usefull.

What format is the file you’re trying to encode into mpeg 1? (that’s the vcd format). I’ve had the same problem with some avi files that I captured. It did the video great, but not the audio. I used ulead video editor and that one works great for that.
It uses the ligos (panasonic) mpeg encoder, which is much better than the xing encoder.

That’s what you need!!!