Makeing a mp3

im haveing a problem caverting a music video to a mp3 format
i get error it wont work can some one help me please or is any one else having the same problem

can any 1 help

We need more information. What kind of error? Any error codes? Is this a concert DVD or just a single song? What are you doing when the error happens, and what happens next? Are you trying touse the “Audio Only” function in DVD to Mobile? Is the source file part of a DVD and in normal DVD format?

i tried audeo only and the error was do i want to send a report to microsoft i even tried splitting chapter

there was no error codes
i used generic then mp3 and audeo only also

i apreciate if you or some 1 can help me

i never had problems before but its been a wile since i done it

I tried it and got an error also. This must be a problem with the current release (v5.2.1.2) using generic MP3. I tried the ipod MP3 audio only too and it also crashed.

Download the new release and try it again. If the generic does not work, try the ipod MP3 audio only, there is a fix in v5.2.2.0 for the error code for the ipod audio profile. Thanks to Fengtao and Ting for the quick (1 day!) response to this :clap:.

still does not work even useing ipod or dfab converter works good can you guys fix this problem please on the next fix please

Why are you post the same remarks in two threads :confused: