Make Yourself Into A Simpson

Just found this but I guess it has been there since the movie was made.

Make yourself into a Simpson…

Give it ago and post the results.

Me, sort of.

Ok, here I am.

Chick magnet. Any questions? :bigsmile:

Fun flash… gotta do my friends, now.

edit: Kerry, I salute your fashion sense. :wink:

tropic’s girl:

tropic’s best bud:

Heh heh yo.

Yo . I did 1 this morning and Chose that Same T Shirt :bigsmile:

Really? Nice. I kinda liked that part of the flick.

Will you make an avatar yourself?

Ok heres the one I made this morning .need to lose weight
( reminds me of ) :eek: :bigsmile: Couldent Find Takkies .
Drinks are on me cellebrating :bigsmile: Sorry only Dry Red Wine :cool:

Kerry you got yourself spot on WoW :flower:

I probably should have added a little color to the hair Diane. Its not completely white yet! :wink:

Dont You know Young womam Kill to get that Hair Colour .Some more experianced Folk have :stuck_out_tongue:
Its Called [B]PLATINUM BLOND :bigsmile:[/B]

Nice !!