Make your own Copy-Protection?


I’ve recently made a mix with loops etc… and I want to burn it to about 20 discs and also COPY PROTECT each and every one, lol!

anyone know any programs that will copy-protect music?

i’m saving them as WAVs/WMAs - not MP3s

  • i dont mind if it’s free/shareware or limited time, i only need to do it once!

thanks alot


What anout CCD-Lock, It is a very string protection, and free.

Ben :slight_smile:

Here you go:

bcn_246, have you tried this before? I’ve had this program on my computer for a while, i think i did use it briefly and was testing it was EAC but it couldn’t rip the cd (i made a trial with a cd-rw) and it wouldn’t play on my cousin’s dvd player…

It is a very strong protection, however it wont work on computers, the side-efefct is that it doesnt work on some other players (it seems to be newer ones, like DVD players, or in car).

Ben :slight_smile:

no what i meant was ripping the cd…cos like copy protected commerical cds (although i haven’t encountered any) are able to be ripped with EAC and some other rippers. The last time i tried (a few months ago), it was screwing up with EAC, and the file sizes of each track, if i recall was like 190mb and couldn’t rip it. thanks