Make You Wonder Should You Buy Software!



you know I wonder sometimes ? i like a free lunch as much as the next person BUT !!! I do believe that if someone produces a blooming good bit of software at a FAIR !! price we all should put our hand in our pocket and purchase it !
BUT WHAT REALLY gets me ANGRY if after you have done the right thing and paid for it instead of going on the net and downloading it from a file sharing site for free , you email the Tec support for it and wait an eternity for a reply then when they do finaly answer you get a 1 line reply with the minimum info
am I alone in this ?
Clone DVd support is a classic example in my book
Any dvd never answered YET !


Yeah I see your point. Many commercial vendors have a tendency to suck at supporting paying customers. The place I currently work maintains the networks of several (smaller) companies. Often, companies run into troubles with purchased software. We always try to figure out what’s wrong; if we cannot figure it out, we will contact the support of those who produced the software and ask for help. And often, even after showing we did our utter best to find the error ourselves, many companies spend little or no time in helping us (and their customers). That’s a nasy habit.

Another good reason to choose OSS… no official support, but a well willing community…!


yeah mostly everything you have to figure out for yourself. that why they call it warez. and updates and so on. so if theres sometihng wrong with the program just reinstlal it and see what happens or attempt to search for the program and so on