Make the sound of a Cd clear?

Hi Taiana Here,

I bought a cd off net- its a relaxation one where someone is talking, only problem is that there is this annoying sound in the backround sort of like it was recorded in the car while they where driving.

Is there anything that can clear up this backround noise- NOT VERY REALXING!

Hi taiana and welcome

You have two options:

  1. get your money back


  1. Use an audio editing program…Nero Wave Editor or Audacity for examples
    …rip the complete audio to hard drive,
    then load it into the editing program.
    Select a short section where nobody is talking but you can hear the annoying background hum and make a "noise print"
    The noise print is then subtracted from the rest of the audio … the result should be a lot cleaner.
    This may take some time and need a lot of fiddling around to get it right.