Make sure your player is up to the job

Just to remind folks of an earlier post of mine, I bought a new Sony DVD +/- R RW player at Sears for $100 and it plays every disk I have tried. Problems I was attributing to DVD2One, Shrink, DVDXCopy, etc. were really the player I was using even though it was a high end player when I bought it just a year and a half ago.

If you want real results and not problems caused by a player you thought was adequate, upgrade your living room player, you may see that some disks you thought were coasters weren’t after all.

Example: Insomnia with Robin Williams, for some reason I tried copying it from 2 different source disks. Both times the copy became unplayable halfway through. Luckily I didn’t throw them away. After I got the new player they played fine.

Actually some of the issues can be attributed to the burning software, not the transcoding software or the player.

*Cough Nero get on the ball

Sorry to dissagree m8 but I think ur better off with a cheap mongrel than you’re so called high end of the market dvd players. They are too picky with what they will play. Better off spending 70 quid at Asda (Wall Mart ) on a Pacific dvd player, I can guarantee it will play anything u throw at it----stuff ur Sony s**t.

Wait a minute,Blistered,before you speak bad about Sony,I just happen to have a recently purchased $99 dvd player from them (NS315-Silver),and it plays EVERY dvd I’ve made on the various
transcoding/burning apps with ease. Just a counterpoint. And while I’m at it,take a guess who made the burner that burns all of
them regardless of race ,creed or color…:bigsmile:

Don’t make any guarantees unless you’ve played EVERY CDR, CDRW, DVD+R/-R/+RW/-RW made on your player. And don’t diss Sony, it’s a hell lot better than that cheap ass $50 Mintek player I bought from best buy for playing rental DVDs.

But SOME bargain-basement players are awesome.

I got a free player for listening to a condominium sales pitch for 2 hours… it was by Koss.

That thing played ANYTHING I threw at it.

I almost wish I had kept it instead of my Pioneer. Oh well.

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Excuse me,Gurm for asking the obvious,BUT,why wouldn’t you keep that ??.. :confused:

Skin deep.

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Skin deep.


Keeping the Pioneer and releasing the Koss player 'cause the former is well known to visitors even though the latter does more. Thus, skin deep.

got ya,superficial