Make perfect copy with DVDFab but can't play it on My PS2 even with my swap disc :(

I have two games that wouldn’t load even with my Magic Swap Plus V3.6.

I back up my ATV4 and Metal Gear Solid 2 using DVDFab Platinum, the burns were successful, but when i decided to play those two games using my boot disc; the game will not load like other backup PS2 games.

ATV4 and Metal Gear Solid 2 are large games, each of them are over 5GB in size so i have to put them on DVD+R DL instead of DVD-R, which I use for 98% of my games.

Does this mean that my Swap disc can’t load Double layer media??


PS2 HDAdvance V3.0 Hard Drive Enabler Disc with DVD-9 Support are available and double layer support but i don’t have a hard drive so i don’t know if it will work :confused:

also, there’s Magic Swap plus V 3.8 (mine is V3.6) but i’m not sure if this new version can load Double layer media.

Also, i tried all the option of loading all with my Magic Swap plus V3.6 like normal boot, special boot, NTSC, normal, Pal, etc… but none works. :frowning:

can someone help me?

Hi Hello20,

I have done various searches throughout the WWW, and have noticed on various other forums that swap magic is not able to play all back up discs. I have the latest version of swap magic and have not successfully played a back up :a :sad:

I am in the process of purchasing a matrix infinity :iagree:

Hopefully this will sort my probs out :eek:

Best regards, Barry :cool:

Well, i didn’t have any problem with my games back up except for those games that require Double layer media. Magic Swap disc can play CD-R and DVD-R back up games (as stated by those site that sell them). Anyway, i guess Double Layer media is not compatible :frowning: I notice that there’s another type of boot disc that is compatible with DVD-9 media but it only for PS2 equipped with a hard drive.

i’m not sure if it will work with any hard drive though.