Make new forum for DVD2One MAC

can someone make a new forum for dvd2one for the mac.

it’s getting confusing mixing mac and win together.

I completely agree

Yep that would make sense, maybe ReneB will consider it :wink:

This is probably a good idea, since the problems we face are probably somewhat different from the windows version, and might end up confusing people on the Windows side, and vice versa.

This isn’t up to me, but to the people of cdfreaks!
They are the ones who are kind enough to host this forum :smiley:

For the time being, just include ‘Mac’ in the thread title. For example:

Mac- DVD2One suggestions.

There is already a great forum that is very active in the Mac DVD-R scene at If Rene could be active on that forum too, it would eliminate the need for another Mac DVD-R forum here, although it is not specific to DVD2One. There are still many DVD2OneX threads active there.


Those foruns at are great.

That’s how i found about DTOX in the first place.