Make mp3s random before burnin to CD?

Hi does anyone kow how to make a bunch of MP3 songs random before burning to CD. I use Nero 5 and as you know when burning Mp3s it places them in numeric then alpahbetical order.
what i want is to have the songs in random order and want to know if this can be done automatically beforehand, the only way I know how is to manually number the songs in random myself, not very fun :slight_smile: The main reason I want to do this is because my MP3 player doesnt have a random/shuffle function. Thanks

As far as I know it, you can just pick up a song that you just dropped in the burnlist and then put it anywhere you want in the list (up/down). :confused:

O sorry, don’t really know a thing about MP3 players! :wink:

randomize your songs in winamp. save the playlist. drop the playlist into an audio cd in nero and burn the cd.

oops, are u talking about an mp3 player or cd player?