Make mp3's from cassete tape?

I was wondering if it is possible to connect my stereo with my PC and make mp3’s from my old tapes!!
If that can happen ,which output of my soundcard should i connect with my PC??

yes it is possible
connect one audio out of your stereo with the line in of your soundcard

Use a capturing program to capture it to your harddisk. Don’t know if some capturing programs allow capturing directly to MP3, but else save it as WAV and the convert it to MP3 by using EAC for example.

Sound capturing programs, MP3 converters such as EAC have been dealt with before, I think if you use the search you will learn more about this.

Musicmatch Jukebox allows you to record directly to mp3 from the line-input on your soundboard.

Keep in mind that the sound quality is usually not very good, since tapes contain hiss. You can use Cooledit or another “semi-prof” editting prog to remove the hiss and to enhance the soundquality.

Thanks for answering my question, i’ll try your suggestions.