Make movies (not DVD)

I would like a program with which I can:

*Make movies, by importing other movie files (.mov .avi .mpg etc.) and lining them up in the order that I prefer
*Edit movie files (.mov .avi .mpg etc.), by cutting and pasting frames etc.
*Add sound files (.mp3)

I want to make a Matrix movie, with clips from The Matrix (no more than 6 seconds each - but there will be lots of them), with the Matrix Theme song (I’ve got it) in the background. I don’t intend on having any other sound playing, other than the music.

Hope someone can help
Thanks in AdVanCe :stuck_out_tongue:

You havent realy quoted what sort of movie you want to make, be it AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2 or what. You have to make one common format and convert anything thats not in that format to it. Does the Audio really have to be in MP3 format? As that would limit you to an AVI only.

Well, what would be easier an easier file to use (make)? I would go for a .mpg file, because it is higher quality, but if .avi is easier to use, then it would still be alright.

As for the audio format, I can convert it from .mp3 to other formats if necessary.

What sort of quality are you looking for? Does it have to fit on a CD or multiple CD’s or even a DVD ? Please explain what you are really trying to achieve and someone then maybe able to recomemend somthing. What your after is all to vague at the moment.

Well, the thing that ispired me to do this, is a song by Linkin Park (In the End) is playing, while clips from Dragonball Z are playing. The clips go with the music, and the file size was 6mb, so I would be going for any file size.

I dont have any limits to file size.

All I can suggest then is to follow the AVI/MPG to VCD tutorial. TMPGenc can be use to edit the mpg for ya. It can also do MOV files if you have the Quicktime pluggin installed as well.

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