Make Keys on KB work on Controller



Hey I was wondering if there was a program that could play certain keys on the keyboard work on a controller. Because I want to play a game that only uses the keyboard, but maybe if I was to get a program that makes certain keys also work on a USB game controller, then I could use that.

Any suggestions?

Any help given is greatly appreciated, I mean GREATLY
I know you guys won’t let me down :kiss: <–smiley looks like a happy face :confused:


I never found a software package to do that, but I did find and buy a
controller that comes with software, that allows you to map keys and/or
whole words to the buttons. (it only works with that controller though)
It’s not generic…

I use the “Logitech Extreme 3d Pro”

It does extactly what you’re describing.
An entire Keyboard only game can be custom mapped to the buttons.
The gui is kind of a pain, but worth it when you’re done setting it up.

I imagine there are other brands that come with custom mapping software
as well. Might want to surf around and read the features on other brands
and compare prices.

[I]ps…mine is a joystick controller, but I’m sure you could find a nintendo
style one as well, in case that’s the physical type you want.[/I]