Make It Easy - Failed step 4

Where are you Mr Dobbs???

Just a very quick question for you on your great tool. I recently processed a movie but the app crashed at step 4 - removing padding right at the end of processing. I suspect that some padding is still there but when I try to rerun step 4 the app just freezes. Is there a way of checking that all the padding was actually removed? When I play the title there is no blank frames at the end but I am not sure this is a robust test or not.

Can the author or other knowledgeable member please help

Are you using the latest version of DVD2one??? You can skip the padding step. The new DVD2one allows you to specify file sizeā€¦ no need to pad and unpad.

Yes - I know about this. This was one I did ages ago and want to make sure my source files are not corrupted