Make DVR-111D into an Apple Supported Burner?

My friend has a mac with a dead burner … and prefers to get it replaced with an apple supported burner without needing to modify his OSX or bother with paying a premium for apple support.

I saw on TDB’s website that he has the AB04, AB09 apple supported firmwares, but when I tried to load them onto my DVR-111D - they have the error that the “Upload and Burn Failed” and the drive LED stays on permanently. However, flashing back to a 111D firmware revives it - and so I think this means a Kernel issue. I do notice that the drive appears as a 111 with firmware 0000 when the apple firmware burn fails. I tried loading the DVR-111 with Kernel onto the drive and then load the AB04 or AB09, no success. I tried DVR-111D with kernel [1.06] before loading AB04/09 and no success.

Is there ANY combination that would produce success, or is there an Apple Kernel available somewhere to convert a 111D into apple supported. Alternatively, is it possible to just “alter” the firmware drive ID string to match the apple supported drives ID to try and fool OSX? If so, can you please try it, and e-mail something to me at removing .nospam …


If you want to use another burner with OSX, you can use patchburn. I’m using it with a BenQ 1640 and it works nicely with my Mac.

If you use Mac Os X 10.4.8, you can take any burner without mods or patchburn, it’s just plug’n’burn.I just bought a LG GSA-H42L for my mac, works fast and great but is absolutely toooo noisy, hope I get some cure for it.

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure if he’s using 10.4.8 yet, but he’s not keen on modifying his config … was hoping to “turn the drive” physically into a mac supported clone … not sure if TDB has seen this thread yet, but I do hope that he does.

Tiger supports the 111D (and its variants) without any modification. All iApps and Mac software see the drive and can write to it. There’s no need to have the Apple Supported title appear in System Info. It will say under Burn Support Yes (Unsupported), which simply means it dosn’t have Apple firmware. but frankly you don’t want Apple firmware. It’s never updated. You want the Pioneer firmware (or TDB variations). I assume you’re putting the drive into a PC to attempt the firmware flash, since you can’t do it in a Mac.

Okay, thanks for all the reply … yep … the DVR-111L [as it is now] is working fine with the iDVD in an external F/W case with oxford 911 chipset. Says Unsupported, but he doesn’t mind - everything works fine … are there any other burners that are supported like this by Tiger [out of interest]? Is it really really ANY drive? [as surfex posted] … because in that case, my mac friend will be able to rest in peace knowing that he won’t have to deal with applecare anymore should his A05 die … and save some cash!