Make DVD from.vob?

I wanted to make a DVD from a flash video on YouTube, so got a .flv download copy, then converted it (super) to a .vob for a DVD, …
but how do I make a DVD form the.vob file?

I have Roxio 7.0 software.

I saw one $$ program to do this (COnvertXtoDVD), but since I only want to do once, seems like it must be possible using standard tools.


You now need to create Ifo and Bup files to go with the Vob file so you can burn it with the appropriate program.

This is a link to a simple guide on how to create .IFO files and .BUP files from just .VOB files. The program you will be using is called IfoEdit.

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I tried it, and IfoEdit reports:
Cannot find any VOB units in the VOB File.

?? I used the program “super” ( to make the .vob from a .vcf.

The .flv is good, I can play it. I don’t know how to test the .vob, but would assume that this tool does something useful, it seems to have a good reputation.


Try looking at this. It should point you in the right direction

Convert youtube, Google flash video to DVD

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  1. Add the DVD VOB file in for example Tmpgenc DVD Author or NeroVision or Ulead DVD Workshop and author and burn it to a DVD.

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Yes, thanks. I started there.

But all the products they propose are $$ and none that I have. I would assume (?) that Roxio or some other free tool could also do it?

This is a one-time thing for a child, so I don’t want to don’t $40-90 for a new tool.

I know that you get a 30-day trials with the software in question.The only thing that I don’t know is if the trial versions restrict you from doing certain things.

If it’s a one time thing then the 30-day trial should work for ya. I think that if there was any free programs they would have been mentioned on video help.

I would use.

Tmpgenc DVD Author

A guide can be found here.

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I’ll look more closely at it.

The “trials” of the others are crippled, they watermark, etc.

I guess I’m surprised that a seemingly simple thing like this Nero will do, and Roxio not.

I found a solution - rename the .vob into a .mpg, and then it can be used in any DVD making program.
(I use Pinnacle Stdio).
Weird that such a simple thing is not … simple.


Glad you found a solution. Sometimes you can overlook the simple things.

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i have done it this way - i had more than one vob, so i used a program called mergevob (free). i then used nero 7 premium, nerovision 4, i chose make dvd, and i surfed for my vob file, i then keyed next, etc until i could burn it to a blank dvd. i then had a dvd that had all the regular vobs created so it would play in a normal dvd player. nerovision takes about 3 hours on a full size set of vobvs or avi for my machine.