Make Dolby Digital DVD-Video with Nero

Hi, is there anyone know how to make a Dolby Digital DVD-Video?
I want to make a DVD-V that can play test sounds (pink noise, sinus wave, etc) for every loudspeakers which can be play one by one, all speakers, only front, only rear, etc. If Nero can’t do that what other software can? Thanks in advance.

You might look at SoundTrax and the 5.1 project with discrete channels.

Don’t many amplifiers have such a test built in?

Hi Saltgrass,

I have already try it but I still don’t know the whole process to make it right. Could you be more specific?

Yes, most of mid-end surround amps have it. But they only use limited band pink noise just to adjust level only of each speakers at the mid band area and usually they recommend radio shack SPL meter for measuring it which in my opinion not so accurate. Another downside, no muting facility for each channel, fix crossover freq setup, fix crossover slope, etc.
As for high-end surround processor although they have more flexibility setup on the crossover, slope and polarity for “each” channels, still they used limited band pink noise too.
There was another tools which can measure more precise like FFT base measurement that can measure freq and phase response but it needs full bandwidth pinknoise.


I don’t believe burning something with Nero is going to be precise enough to do what you seem to want.

All I can see you doing is recording a DVD with sound on each speaker as you want it played. You might be able to use a combination of utilities to arrive at a DVD where your chapters contain the noise for each speaker and you could select it that way. Say you make 5 projects with SoundTrax, one for each speaker, and make each one into a chapter (or Title) in NeroVision.

I don’t have the experience you seem to need, I would just buy a pre-made testing DVD. You could probably track one of those down yourself, since I don’t know of any off hand.

I do have pre-made testing DVD. Sound and Vision, AVIA and Digital Video Essential. Those DVD don’t have what I need, like select combination 2 or more speakers.

You could be right about nero ability but at least I have something for a start. I’ll try your guide. Thanks.