Make custom DVD of an existing DVD

First of all, sorry for my english, it may not be the best.

Recently I have bought a bootleg DVD on eBay. The DVD was really cheap with no menus and not even a cover. But anyway… I have decided to create my own DVD of this movie. But I have a problem…

I don’t know wich program to use to be able to copy/extract the movie to my custom DVD. I have created menu with DVD Architect, but I don’t know how to put the original movie on the DVD. Im not sure about converting the movie to mpeg2 and after converting it to DVD… I think I will loose quality and it will take so much time because of my PC?

I have extracted the files of the original DVD to my HD with SmartRipper v2.41 (and DVDshrink I think) and now I got a lot of files; VOB, IFO and BUP. I only want the original english movie so that way, in my menu, when I click on PLAY MOVIE it will play this movie.

Your English is fine … I’ll write back to you in American: nobody is gonna touch your question because we don’t support bootlegging on cdfreaks … and Swedish law is strict about illegal activity being discussed on websites. We all stay within the law in our personal backup activities here. … And we care very much about good the reputation of cdf and it’s membership family.


Very sorry… I should have not used theses words, I was sure it was OK since I have bought one and don’t wanted to actually make one… (It doesn’t seem like I can edit my post) I just want to backup a DVD with my own menu at the beginning.