Make Composite Track Two Noisy Tracks?



Hi! My brother loaned me a really old LP that has one very quiet track on it that is beautiful, but is marred by numerous loud pops. So I hunted around on line and ordered a supposedly VG+ used copy of the same LP.

But I was so disappointed when I played it, because it was just as noisy as my brother’s copy.

So, I came up with the off-the-wall idea:

If I could figure out how to hook up my turntable to my computer, I could copy both LPs to WAV, or FLAC or MP3 files.

It seems reasonable to assume that the pops on the two LPs would occur in different places, right?

So, if there were a software program that could compare the two recordings and then remove any differences between the recordings to produce a third “clean” composite recording, I would end up with something close to a pristine copy of those two beat-up old LPs, wouldn’t I?

So, is this something that can actually be done?


An interesting idea Clueless, but beyond my skills. Importing one into your computer then using Audacity’s pop and hiss tools might help improve the sound from one of the LP’s enough to satisfy you.


I haven’t done anything like what you want to attempt.
Audacity should be able to do a lot of it.
With Audacity you can cut & keep certain sections of a song from each album.
Then join them . You have to be very careful exactly where you do the cut & the join.
If I remember correctly this is done by matching “zero crossings” as close as possible. That way you don’t hear the joining of the cuts. Some people hear well enough they might still detect the join . Most won’t.
Expect to spend a lot of time . & make copies of the complete songs & cuts . Keep them separate in a backup folder. So if something gets messed up you don’t have to start over. Even doing this is several folders . One at each step.
Good luck.