Make CCE sharper?

Is there a way to increase sharpness while using Rebuilder + CCE ?

What current alternatives are there in terms of best pic + sharp pic encoders and software ?


I have noticed that some dvds I used rebuilder +CCE that the background was not that sharp on my big tv but when I put in the original I found the copy was just as good. The problem was on both the original and copy. Do not know of a way to make it sharper.

You can use Avisynth filters, e.g. Asharp, Msharp. It’s best you test a segment that you think that needs sharpening before doing a whole encode.

Thanks, I’m checking that out. From what I’ve seen so far it seems it involves scripting and the like - is there a simple guide/reference I can read somewhere to set up asharp with Rebuilder ?

What’s the current top standard as encoders go ? I’ve read good things about procoder, for instance, although it seems to be even slower than CCE. I like CCE, only wish it’d be a little sharper as a default.

Have you read the documentation that comes with the filter yet? To avoid using LoadPlugin() in the AVS script, put the filter dll in the Avisynth plugin directory. To use the filter, use the Filter Editor (under Options) in Rebuilder. This applies to all segments. If you only want to apply on certain segments, then manually edit the avs script for that segment only. As for the parameters, try the default first to see if the picture is better. If not, then tweak the value around a bit. You can view the AVS script in Media Player Classic to see how it looks like.

Procoder is the slowest and very good at low bitrate encoding and interlaced sources. You can try other freeware encoder as well, HC is pretty good. CCE 2-3 passes should be sufficient. Heard AutoQMatEnc is very good too, but it’s slow. If you have Duo Core system, then speed shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Got it, thanks again. It was much simpler than I thought.

Next question: recommended asharp settings for normal (DVD movie) video ? I tried with the default (2,0) but I found it a bit brutal :stuck_out_tongue:

What settings do you guys use ? I’m looking for just that little extra sharpness that’ll make the difference without going overboard and causing other problems (excessive grain, edges, etc).

As I said, play around with the parameter value. Try lowering the first parameter to 1. If you still don’t like it, lower some more to a decimal value as the parameter is a float, e.g. 0.5.

If you have a clean source and you don’t like CCE result, you could try using other encoders to see if it’s better. Some encoders might produce brighter output depending on the source. Filters are needed only if you have a bad source.

Just to give you more options about sharpening filters: LimitedSharpen, SeeSaw. Discussions about these filters are in doom9.