Make backups of my 2 original PS2 games

Hello everybody, happy new year!!!
I’m really a newbie about making backup cd of ps2 so is there someone to explain me the BEST method to have 1:1 copy without any difference?


[cdfsearch=ps2 backup help]why not using the search[/cdfsearch]

  1. You will need a good soldered modchip (sorry but the other methods IMHO DO NOT give you the ability to do 1:1 copies of all of the PS2 titles).

  2. You will need a DVD Burner

  3. A good piece of software (ie Nero, RNM, ect.)

hi,to play your back up copy of all ps2 on you console you will need to have your ps2 chipped,if you already have then to copy your ps2 game all you need to do is burn (copy )in the nero dvd setting as a data,it will back your game up fine there,hope this helps

Thx for your replys. I watched by the search but not all people said the same thing for the software i had to use

That’s because you can use a number of different software programs to make PS2 backups. It’s all a matter of preference. Even DVD Decrypter will do an outstanding job for both XBOX and PS2 backups (provided the PS2 backups aren’t CD format).

Tell us what software are you using and it will help with the reply

use dvddrecrypter usinng Mode-iso read to create the iso and Mode-iso write to write it. it works with God of war and GT4, not with champions of norrath (rip it on 2 dvd).

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