Make a tablet? Sony's unsure



Make a tablet? Sony’s unsure.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony's been thinking about tablet computers for a few years -- long before Apple introduced the iPad -- but still isn't sure whether to jump in.

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It can fall all the way, as far as I’m concerned.

Historically, Sony products were high price, high quality, but somewhat lacking in leading edge features.
Now Sony has downgraded it’s quality control, products are still lacking in leading edge features, Sony is in the process of downgrading already sold products effectively peeving off what little loyal customer base they have established, and the price is still significantly higher than competitors products.

Good luck with fading in obscurity, Sony!

Although, I’m sure Sony won’t need my best wishes, as they’re doing a great job already.


Sony is making a decision to be a market follower rather than a leader. In the tablet devices they have good reason to be skeptical. It’s not a proven market 1 ipads sold or not. Apple seems to be able to slap it’s label on dog poop and there will be consumers lined up around the block for it… that’s called marketing hysteria (with a side order of competitive geurilla warfare) and will not last. If we track the recent successes-- 8 years with the ipods, 2 years running with the iphone (Apple hopes for another 2 years minimum), and now less than 1 year with ipads. Good luck trying to keep that trend rising. Consumer sentiment is already turning against the Ipad… over half the consumers even interested in the device are holding out to see what the competition brings to the table.