Make a silly avatar here

Make a silly avatar here …thousands of designs and tra-laa-la



Looks like me!

Yo Deano-

Y’all [I]wish[/I]-eh!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun place to play around

well i didnt make this but found it and its quite funny gunna have a go at making an animated gif :stuck_out_tongue:

For all you weetabix lovers out there :cool:

LOOOOOOOOOL :bigsmile:

Didnt anyone ever tell ya to stay on the trail whilst biking? :bigsmile:

I didnt make this one either, use it as my avatar now, bummer that by resizing it,you cant see clearly whats happening,expressions on the smiley’s faces etc, but still find it a funny one :bigsmile:

Well,this would be me then :bigsmile:
Only thing is that I couldnt find a face with just a goatee, I dont have a moustache.