Make a PAL DVD playable on an NTSC player



[qanda]This thread is about the Optiarc AD-7200S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]This is more a question regrarding DVDFab - I’m trying to make a copy of a PAL DVD playable on an NTSC Sony DVD player. Is this possible?


Not with Fab, unless your player plays either format. There are other programs that will convert it.


What programs will do the conversion?


find a program called[B] ifoedit[/B] on the net.

use dvdfab to copy to your harddrive

you need to open every file and click on any reference to pal and select ntsc.
save and also save the buf backup.

dvdfab will not burn to disk, but if you engage imgburn, it will.
dvdfab will see none or very little of the files.

it will play on dvd players that refuse to play pal, but will be a bit jerky.

if you have a lcg or plasma or computer srcreen, it will play fine.

use dvdfab to clpy to harddrive
use ifodedit to change values
use dvdfab with imgburn to copy to dvd.



[quote=AuntieChrist;2180129]What programs will do the conversion?[/quote]ConvertXtoDVD will do this and there are others.


Thanks for the help DOW and signals.


To anyone interested - I used Xilisoft DVD Ripper to create an AVI which I burned in the NTSC format through ConvertXtoDVD.

I also had success using TMPGEnc Express to create an NTSC MPG DVD file which I then burned in ConvertXtoDVD.

Both efforts produced an NTSC DVD that plays on both a Sony DVD player and a Sony upconverting DVD player from the original PAL DVD.


Glad to hear it. I think you can skip the AVI step with ConvertX–just decrypt with DVDFab to a VIDEO_TS folder, which I’m pretty sure ConvertX will still accept as input (PAL) and convert to NTSC DVD. Haven’t tried this in a while.


Thanks I’ll give that a try too as long as I’m at it!