Make a non-bootable iso bootable

I have a non-bootable cd-r of a small OS I have written for my masters degree, and I want to make it bootable so that it runs a file (setup.exe) on startup, and I was wondering does anyone know how to go about it?


If you have Nero or WinOnCD you can make a bootable CD. It’s an option in both software’s profiles.

I only have the cd-r though, I don’t have the original files, my hard drive packed in a few days ago, and I lost some of the newer stuff I had done, but most of it is on this cd-r, and I just want to make it bootable so I can show my supervisor tomorrow what I have done.

He won’t believe me that my hd packed in.

What do you mean your hdd packed in? Can you access the hdd to make a temporary folder and throw what you have from the complete cd-r to the temp folder? Thats all you need to do then just reburn in Nero with bootable cd option. If you have no space on the hdd then erase stuff not as important. If all you have is the cd then you really can’t do much with it alone at this point.

I can’t get anything on the drive because the drive is unreadable - like when a cd is scrathed beyond a certain point when it can’t be read anymore, the same with my hard drive, my computer wouldnt boot past the bios. The drive needs to be returned, it is completely unusable.

Short answer.
You can not make a cdr bootable without a working computer! :bigsmile:

My system works. I have 2 NEW hard drives now. Let’s pretend the old one doesnt exist.

I have a cd which I would like to make a bootable copy of.

Here is my system

P4 2.40GHZ
512MB DDR333
Gigabyte 8SG667 Mobo
Seagate 30GB ATA-66 7200rpm HD (Primary Master)
IBM/Hitachi Desktar 120GB ATA-100 7200rpm (Primary Slave)
Samsung DVD/CD-RW Combo (Secondary Master)
Hercules 3D Prophet 4000XT TV-Out 64MB GFX Card
Realtek AC’97 Onboard Sound

What I really want to know is can I create an image of the CD, and make the image bootable, and if so, how?

If I really have to copy all the files to my new HDDs, how do I make it run the setup program on boot?

Make in image in nero of your cd-r. Then go to new compilation, make a bottable cd. Under the boot tab, select the image file you just made. If you want, under expert settings, you can have the emulation for booting be that of a floppy or hd, either should work fine. Then burn and voila.