Make a map!

I just painted all all electronics stores in my area that I know, and the blank media which is sold by them, into a map of the local train system in Stuttgart, Germany because I was bored.
Might not be useful to you, but I thought I’d still share it with you. Maybe you can make such a map of your area? :wink:

Sweet if I lived in Stuttgart.

Yes, maybe somebody else could make a map for his area too? Just for fun. Share your secrets :wink:

kg_evilboy> nice idea. But it would be too much of a hassle for me to make such a map right now… I would have to write about 100 of different shops into a rather complex map…lol. Maybe if i got some time over the next weekend I will try and do one out of fun

I wonder what the Akihabara map would look like… :smiley:

Well here are some links to a map of Akihabara. This map is made of 4 parts A, B, C and D.
The first link will show you how the map is divided into 4 parts so that you have a clue where each of the 4 parts are.
Here is part A:
Part B:
Part C:
and Part D:
Each dot with a number in it is a store selling electric goods and or Computer stuff. At least 90% of these stores sell DVD/CD media…Note that the big gray cross like building in the middle of Part A is the Train station.

Edit: This map does not even show all the shops selling Media since this map lacks Media only sellers which there are about 6 different shops. And dont forget this is only Akihabara…besides Akihabara you will find many more shops selling electronic and computer shops around Tokyo.