Make A hybrid Navigation disk

Hi Guys,

I’m new to the board and would appreciate some advice. I’ve read the thread on making a backup of a Navteq double layer Navigation DVD (Mercedes in my case) and when the right original DVD comes alongon on ebay (2008 US Comand for me) I’m hopeful I’ll be able to make a copy of this DVD -DL on verbatim media.

the problem is I need to do a little more than this :wink:

Because the mercedes Nav Unit in my car is meant for the US, it will only read and play the US map disks (which come on DVD DLs - the euro ones are single layer only). So I need to take an image of this US disk and transplant some euro map files instead of the US ones, becuase this car is in Europe.

The concept was proven the other way around here (europe nav unit working in the US), but in this case it was easier as they only needed to create single sided DVDs.

So my question is, given it seems to be pretty hard to copy the DL disks in themselves, once I have moved the new map files into my image, would it be technically possible to workout the write pattern structure on the disk so it still appears like an original to the Nav unit?

Hope this makes sense!

To extend this question to a wider audience!
Has anyone successfuly made a copy of a DVD-DL that requires book type enabled for an image to work, but then worked on files on that image before managing to get the new image working again on some good DL media.

Any pointers on things I need to look out for becuase I presume there will just be a few important initial things that need to be correct on the start of the disk and thereafter the files can change