Make a DVD into a single video file

Wazzup peoples I need some help here I want to make a DVD into one video file and I’m having some trouble with it. Is there a program that is made specially for doing this? Please help me :sad:

what do you mean by making it into “one video file”? as in reencoding it into something like a divx/xvid?

Ya, but I don’t uderstand what it wants me to do. To make it into an avi file.

autogk will do this.

yes, use Auto Gordian Knot.

When you create a new DVD in Nero and add the .vob video files, it actually asks if that is what you want to do - merge them into one file. Nero creates an mpeg, which can then be viewed by just about any PC DVD movie player.

You can also use the mpg file to re-create a DVD later - but you’ll have to re-create the chapters if you want the same forward/backward features a DVD gives.

Other alternatives include using Nero or something like Alcohol 120 to create an ISO image of the DVD, which can then be loaded as a virtual disk either permanently or just when you want to watch the movie.

That’s also a good way of providing movies for upload to Bittorrent, but as that’s totally illegal you’d probably best not do that - or the the new Debtors / Copyright Theft Prison that the “Man” has created will be your new home for at least the next 100 years - provided you can avoid the death penalty ofcourse.