Make a DVD from vcd/svcd?



can i do ^^ so i can play movies on my ps 2 as a DVD.

why do i need to convert to PSS(...) - normal DVD 's are PSS movie files. is there any way i can trick my ps2 into thinking it is playing a DVD, in this way?


.pss files are PS2 movie files not normal DVD’s. DVD’s use .vobs.

You can convert ANY video format to .pss but you’ll only get around 20 minutes per CD becasue of the birate .pss uses. I tried this ages ago when the “Jade” PS2 VCD player was about.

You can also convert VCD/XVCD/SVCD to DVD [mpeg-II] to work in PS2 [not 100% though], but will need a high-end DVD authoring program like SpruceUP…and its not easy, believe me :frowning:



do the progs. like SpruceUP make .vob MPEG2 files from the MPEG 1 VCD or from the MPEG 2 SVCD.

Do you know how much such programs cost?


They are very expensive mate. Check out these guides for converting to DVD [mpeg-II]…