Make a dvd from avi files (movies)

I have been downloading movies from (movie downloads) the movies are there to download as avi files. I have Nero 6 and Roxio 7. How do I go about burning this avi movies using this programs. Is there any other software that I must use to convert avi files into another format, before I can burn a dvd to be able to see this movies on my tv.

Can someone explain the process to me.


There are some very good guides in the Video Editing Software forum.

Use ConvertXtoDVD - Works perfectly - exactly what you are looking for!

I Wanna Download Movies That Are Still In Theaters Like The Davinci Code ,scary Movie 4 ,16 Blocks ,the Inside Man What Is The Best Site And The Fastest I’ll Pay If I Have To And Also What Is The Best Converter How Is Winavi

Hi. You might want to have another read of the rules - we don’t discuss illegal downloads here. :cop:

Thank you,
TomC and Jazz - for your help.

Use “WinAVIVideoConverter”