Make a DVD from an MOV file

I have downloaded a MOV File and want to burn it to dvd.
I can see it with apple quick time but dont know what i need to convert it so i can put it on dvd and watch it on the dvd player.
Hope this thread is in the correct place.

Can anyone help?


pied piper

I move this to the Video Edit Software forum, as the other forum is mainly about user experience with various video download/rental services rather than working with downloaded content.

As a start, try using DVDFlick, which accepts the QuickTime container. It’s also freeware. :slight_smile:

Thanks but the program is unregistered so does not look like free.
Anyone have any idea/s for anything else?


DVDFlick is absolutely free to use. No question. What are you seeing that says “unregistered”?

If you want another alternative, take a look at AVStoDVD.

When you download it, make sure you’re not clicking an advertisement. A lot of these crafty ads display fake “Download now” links to trick people into clicking the ad and getting a competitors product that requires payment. The company AVS Media is well known for these ads. :doh:

Here’s a link to the DVDFlick download page You should a pop-up asking where to save it. If you don’t or a yellow security warning appears at the top, click on the link “Direct Link” on the line saying “If the download does not start…”. Do not anything else on the page, as anything else saying “Download” is usually a banner advertisement.

Thanks you were right it must have been a trick to sign me up as your link downloaded a working version.
However the AVS to DVD did not work for me as it came up with an “Audio” problem each time i tried it.
The dvdflick worked but took six and a half hours to do its job but then came up with a “Movie clip” instead of the movie itself and would not work at all.
As you can see i am new to all this so does it normally take that long to copy a film that is only about 25 minutes long.
I am now lost so any help to enable me to put the Movfile onto a dvd to use on my ordinary dvd player would be very helpful.
Thanks again for advice up to now.

pied piper

I don’t work with .mov files so you are outside my experience. Take a look at the file with MediaInfo (free video analyzer program). This will tell you the codecs used in the file, both video and audio.

Is this a high definition .mov file by any chance?

I have used DVDFlick A bit so try this .I don’t have a .mov file to work with so I can’t test it.
If you tell me the site you DLed the .mov file from I might try to DL it & work with it.(Depending if I consider it a safe & legal DL).
If you consider that the DL might be illegal .Please do not post it.
As that would get this topic closed.
In DVDFlick\Project Settings\Advanced check Copy MPEG­2 streams
That will be much quicker if it works.
If for what ever reason doesn’t work I have a couple of other suggestions.I need to check to see if either might work with a .mov file first.

Thanks for all the help now sorted.
avs to dvd worked in the end it was my fault as i stopped the prog before it had finished.