Make a copy of Original Microsoft XP cd

I have an Original Windows XP cd which is a legitimate copy. Would like to make a copy of this CD for safe keeping. Tried CD-Creator with no success. Then found out that it may have been protected using Safedisc etc.
So the question is - can I make a copy of the cd. And if so - what software would I need. Where can I obtain the software.

Thanks for your help!!!

As far as I know the Windows CD’s are not protected by any protection. Yep, just checked and I am right.

You should be able to copy it by using Nero Disc-To-Disc copy.

I personnelly like to use CloneCD. Make Image then Burn Image. I also do this at 4x or 8x just to make sure it works ok.

if you have no other choice and want a freebie then this will create an iso for you
you need to then burn the iso to cd. try deepburner, it is free too

If you want to get even simpler, you should be able to just drag and drop the files to your program of choice (even with XP’s built in burning abilities).

Plenty of people copy the CD to their HD as individual files (no virtual drive) and run the install from there with no problem; I can’t imagine doing something similar with a CD-R would cause any problems.

On second thought, Microsoft does some funny stuff to their Windows CDs. If you try the drag and drop and run into problems, look here:

CloneCD, on-the-fly, disc to disc.