Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc



The dvd is “BMW Road Map Europe Professional DVD 2007-2” ???


North America version


AUDI RNS-E 2007/Personally is successful to carry out one copy of backup of the 2 dvd: 1) Europe Central West 2) Europe Central East, using Clone Cd 5, masterizzatore Pioneer 111D, DVD+R Double Layer 8,5gb verbatim, booktype DVD DL-ROM. I have carried out other tests with other masterizzatori like Plextor Px 716A - LG 4167B - Toshiba SD R5372V with result negative. Council to use eventually for the formulation of the booktype: DVD InfoPro, or using the masterizzatore Pioneer indicated previously, automatically supplies to modify the booktype is of dvd + that dvd dl+. I am using a translator automatic rifle I hope is comprensiblile the translation.
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Just bought a Benz that has the Navteq CD’S ( all 10 of them ) <sighs> instead of a DVD for the NAVI.

The protection is Safedisc 2/3 and I have 2 DVD recorders to use:

A Sony 10A (1.0) & a LiteOn 20A1H

When I use Alcohol 120% I see error after error as the disc is read no matter which drive I put it in, do I just ignore these errors and let it make the .mds and .mdf files anyway? I am reading the disc at 1x, yesterday I made about 7 coasters … this isnt’ going all that well!

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong? I have sucessfully made a backup of an Infiniti DVD that worked fine.

The type of media I have to choose from is Fuji, Maxell, and some that say AT&T believe it or not. In the past I was told to use Verbatim to make the DVD backup of th Infiniti disc, that worked, but the read time was so slow I had to change to a different brand of DVD. It was almost like the laser couldn’t read through the coating on the Verbatim disc.

Anyway here I sit watching the errors pile up and I am now up to 4995 and only 27% of the CD has been read… I don’t put a lot of hope on this one working once it’s burned!

I have also tried CloneCD and I get the same error message in the car " No NAV disc please insert one" …

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks to all who reply!

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The read errors are part of the SafeDisc protection although they should stop around 3% of the disc so 27% sounds like a scratch or broken disc. For the rest as I never backed up any nav discs read the thread and try the suggested methods.


No scratches on the disc, that’s why I want to preserve it. No matter what method I use the bloomin’ thing has ton’s of errors. I figured that the ones at the lead in were part of the protection, but I never let one run to see how far they extended into the disc.

Thanks for this special forum and I will keep trying! Anyone needing help backing up an Infiniti DVD can contact me. I WAS able to do that on the second try.

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Would be nice posting how you solved your problem so everyone who’s reading this forum can benefit from your knowledge and solution. Thanks.


RE: Infiniti Zenrin disc backup for '06

I never looked for any type of copy protection before I tried any of this.

I needed a dual layer burner as the OEM disc is one. I got a LiteOn burner from New Egg for only $35 and change. I went to the LiteOn page and d/l a small program that let me change the ‘book type’ to DVD-ROM (this is essential in this case) it’s what the reader in the car is looking for.

Then I was told to " only use Verbatim discs they are all that will work" so I blew $20 and got 3 of them.

I then used CloneCd to make the image of the disc, even though it’s called CloneCD it will do DVD’S too. I then burned the image onto a Verbatim disc and put it in the car. It did work, but the access time was so slow that it was unusable. I then changed media brand to Memorex and repeated the whole thing.

This time the access/read time of the dupe was fine, it worked like the OEM one. I wanted a backup because Infiniti lets 12vdc go to the EJECT button on the DVD unit all the time! So if someone smashes your window they can steal your DVD just by pushing the button!

I do know there are others that have used the Verbatim media and it worked fine for them. I even gave the disc I made to friend with an '06 and it worked for him and access time was fine, go figure!

Hope that helps,

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Trying to make backup of my Toyota Prada nav disk (2004 year, double layer disk). Firstly, read all posts in this topic.
I used Alcohol 120% to get image of disk and burn it using DVD Decrypter with setting booktype to ‘DVD-ROM’. DL disk - Verbatim. And no result - computer still don’t accept it.
Maybe i am doing something wrong? Next will try to get image not by Alcohol, but using DVD Decryptor.


Hello Guys this is my first post ive read all 7 pages and all were gr8 info but i still cannot get a working copy

My car is Lexus 460 L (2007)
Im trying to copy the NAV CD

but no luck so far i tried the following

I also followed the DVD Decrypter on how to set book-type

My dvd writer is:


Original DVD info:

Copied DVD Info:

DVD+R that im using :

i think its from the media and BTW the file size is 332 MB so i dont think i need Double Layer DVD’s , any suggestions would be gr8 thanks y’all


Guys common i cant believe there are 112,000 Views and no 1 is replying

please help me out I tried everything but no luck any suggestions


You already tried different media? I’m not a media expert but I found this about FTI discs maybe another brand works…


I tried Sony + DL but it did not work. im not sure if its from the media im using. Can any 1 confirm that ! please?


^ Try Verbatim +R DL. They are the only reliable DL media.


Will do that But we dont have the media you mentioned here i have to look pretty hard.


and please may youi provide me with the necessary steps and what software shall i use. nero ? if so what write speed ? ALCOHOL ? if so what write speed.


[B]i think that my dvd player in my car might not like the type of dvd that i burnt, i still need to know my DVD player model # which i cant figure out[/B]. After that i think i can go to and put in the model number of my dvd player in my car, and that will tell me what format my player will play or what it won’t .

Still did not try what you mentioned :


Is your original disc a double layer DVD or single layer DVD if it’s the second you don’t need to waste any DL discs. I also asked one of our mods DrageMester who suggested using some quality single layer media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, or Sony or HP as secondary choices if it’s not a DL disc.


I dont know if my original disc a double layer DVD or single layer DVD How can i tell >the file size is only 332 MB. I burned the 2 kinds double & single but no luck.


The original disc is a single layer disc which can be seen from the DVDInfoPro screenshot:

Number of Layers: 1


I hate to be noob but singe layer means DVD + R or CD ??