Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc



Where I can find 05064033AE online? I see some of you found it or bought it. I want a copy, so please direct me. Thanks.


I am looking for an upgrade disc for my 2004 Infinit G35. Does anyone have a copy that they would like to sell? I do not need an origonal disc, just a functioning disc. Also, does anyone know if the Zenrin - Infiniti Navigation DVD 6.5 is the only one that I could use? Am I able to use a disc made by another company?


Who know how to make a backup - map for [B]Audi RNS-E.[/B]
Map - Navteq, [B]EU 2007 [/B] (i try only DVD2 - eastern europe).
I change the booktype (nero discinfo show DVD-ROM), but navigation see only a “update software cd/dvd”


I’m on the same problem like you

I’ve got an Navigation disk Western Europe 2007/1 including SW 550… if i insert the copy, navi posts “navigationsupdate cd/dvd 550” if i close the sreen, it says “pleasae insert navigation dvd”

what programms do you use?


Use DVDdecripter to backup the image on the hd, after burn the image with clonecd at 1x use a dvd+r dual layer. I have a backup of dvd1 west europe perfectly made on dvd+r dual layer philips… sorry for my bad english, I’m italian


Hi all,

I’m new here and would like your advice for the backup of my navigation dvd (renault Laguna) carminat navigation and communication (xanavi x7.0)

Any link or help apreciate.



Hi All.
Any one has Lincoln Navigator Denso 2007.1 disc or copy to share?.
I can offer GM Envoy Denali latest disc (2006) . I was able to make copy - working copy using Decrypter to read, Burn image and LG writer to write and Verbatim double layer dvd disc.


[B] Hello fellow forum members. I’m new to the forum and I’ve spent quite a few hours browsing the posts and reading the rules. It’s a cool forum!

I purchased a Pioneer AVIC-D3. The navigation system has to have the discs in it to function. I am told the set of discs that came with the unit are 300 dollars for the pair. I want to burn a back up copy and leave the original discs in my home locked up. I tried burning them with AVS DVD copy and it would not even recognize that there is a disc in the burner. Then I downloaded dvd identifier and it would not read the dvd at all.

Does anyone know how I can burn myself a back up copy of my Pioneer navigation discs? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Welcome dirtyeddy,

I would suggest starting with post one in this thread there are some links and guidelines.


Made a successful backup of the '07 navigation DVD for my '05 Honda Accord. :iagree: :clap: Used roughly the same method as detailed here:

Used Philips DVD+R DL and a philips 8801 burner


I would suggest starting with post one in this thread there are some links and guidelines.

Thanks for that great advice…why didn’t I think of that!? Yep, spent about 3 hours doing just that and I have a stack of coasters to show for it. Want some?


I just made a backup that worked… i have an 07 denali.

I used an LG GSA-E40L dvd writer with verbatim dvd+r DL disc. Burned at 2.4x and had a working copy on the first try using DVD decrypter.


Hey guys. Essentially in the same boat as CHOKONIT, I am stuck with a a non-working disc. Not having read sites like this with people advising backups and such, I am wondering if anyone has a backup copy that I can buy for the price of the disc and shipping or better yet, something that does not cost either party such as an image download (if that is allowed). Sorry for my ignorance and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


You have to create your own backup disc it really doubt it’s allowed sending backup discs so read the thread and try it yourself with your [B]own[/B] disc. If the disc was scratched when you got it I guess you’ll get a replacement from your dealer!


I own a 2004 chevy trailblazer and my dvd don’t work anymore was looking for someone who can email me the updated file for one so i can burn or try to burn it im able to do the one for my acura so hopfully i can burn the gm one also

my email is if anyone can send me the files or a iso for it plz
thank you ahead of time


:confused: What am I doing wrong ???

Want to make a “back-up copy” of my Toyota Prius 2007 NAV version 6.1 DVD.
I purchased box (of 3) of Verbatim DVD-R DL (2-4X) from NewEgg and have a Dell Dimension XPS410 with a TSST (Samsung Dell OEM) in bay 1 and a Plextor 755SA in second bay. I have Roxio Easy Media Creator 9.0 and running MS Windows VISTA. Tried once TSST to Plextor disc-to-disc… NO GOOD, NAV would not read it. Tried second time using only Plextor, EMC 9.0, to HD and back to Plextor, still NO GOOD :Z … after $10 worth of coasters and only ONE DVD left, what is best suggestion? I only want to make one “back-up” DVD of the expen$ive Toyota NAV DVD so I can safely put the real one in our cool, safe, house and use the “duped” DVD in the sun-baked (Florida parking lot outdoors) in the Toyota Prius NAV system in the vehicle.
I don’t mean to appear “dumb” but are these NAV DVD’s copy-protected ??
I tried to “read” (look) at the content of the original DVD and it would NOT bring up the .bmp’s … found this strange, or is it a “clue” ??


^ I wouldn’t use -R DL for a copy of a nav disc. I would only attempt to use Verbatim +R DL booktyped to Dvd-Rom.


:confused: But I CANNOT find a place on EMC 9 to change booktype to -R , also I am running MS Windows Vista and PlexTools LE “crashes” Vista if I attempt to install it as I have tried several times. I am very computer literate, just “raw” at copying NAV DVD’s !! Even if I go and buy some Verbatim DVD +R DL now, and figure out how to change book type, will my set-up (described in post #146) “work” for me ?? Is a NAV disk “protected” with some sort of protection against copying ?? :confused:



Well I couldn’t EDIT this post but in the meantime I found the Roxio DVDInfo Pro in my EMC 9 but the Plextor will NOT change booktype, ONLY the TSST (Samsung Dell OEM) can be changed.


I had made a successful copy of BMW Navigation DVD 2007.2 version. Here’s how:

Software: DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0
Media: SONY DVD+R 16x
Write Speed: 4x
Book-Type: DVD-ROM

It works fine with my 2007 BMW 530i, no problem at all.