Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc



Sad to say I did exactly what you did with Nero 7 and got to the exact verify issue at 53%. I aborted and popped the disc into my car and it did the software upload and then stuck on that annoying initial screen that requires you to hit “OK” to proceed. Except, the “OK” option wasn’t there so it is stuck there. And when I tried to reinstall the last version it says it’s the wrong disc, so if you don’t plan on keeping the original disc, don’t even try this. Only do it if your true intention is to only make a backup and keep your original. Everyone on here says that is their intention, but let’s be honest. Who wants to pay $195 for an update. It’s bleeping ridiculous. But I’m stuck with mine, even tho I don’t want it because it still hasn’t posted proper updates to my small town.

[QUOTE=DickandDom;2458068]Hi guys
I have been reading this thread with interest as I have a Navteq Jaguar Europe Nav DVD that I wanted to back up.
I successfully backed it up on my old PC (Vista) easily (cant remember how, think it was just copy and paste from one dual layer dvd writer to another) before the PC crashed and I had to buy a new one which ran XP (Sp3) and came with Nero 7.
The copy was damaged shortly (removed it when car was in for warranty work) after so I had to back it up again on the new PC which has 2 DVD DL readers/writers:-
One is an Atapi (Lite On?) DVD A DH20A1P the other is an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S SCSI
After trying to copy using DVD Decryptor to create an IMG and then burn the IMG with Nero 7 all I got on the burned DVD was 2 files one a huge IMG file which I couldnt open and the other was an MDS file.Dont know what I was doing wrong but I am learning.
6 coasters later and I was about to give up,as a last resort I did this…
Open Nero 7 Burning ROM and select [B]DVD Copy[/B].
Under Copy options select "[B]On The Fly[/B]"
The source drive wouldnt allow ‘on the fly’ for the Atapi DVD DL reader/writer so the Optiarc was used as the source DVD.
Under Read Options I selected ‘[B]Data DVD[/B]’ and '[B]Reading with error correction[/B]'
Under ‘Burn’ I selected ‘[B]Determine Max speed[/B]’ and '[B]Write[/B]'
The disc copied no problem at 8x and was automatically set to Book Type DVD-Rom.
During the verification the Optiarc could only verify the 1st 50% and then struggled to read any further so I had to abort the verification but the DVD works no problems.
The copied disc is called DVD_1 Copy as I couldnt find a way to add the original title which was 464210-9961 but as said it works.
The discs used (6 coasters and 1 good copy) were Ritec S04 DVD+R DL

I hope this easy method helps someone else who is looking to back up their SatNav DVD.[/QUOTE]


I succesfully burned a copy of a Navteq Nav Dvd for a 2008 Ford/lincoln/mercury nav system. I used Alcohol to burn the image at the slowest read speed then burned the image on to a disc. I did also put the dvd back in my drive and used the bitsetting tool from BCI to set it to dvd-rom. Not sure if that had any affect though but it did make a succesful copy.


[QUOTE=space piper;2527686]Apologies in advance if this is a dumb idea, but…

Has anyone tried disassembling a Nav Unit and replacing the DVD reader with an off the shelf unit? Seems that if there is no copy protection, and the media makes a difference for so many people, then why not just swap the hardware with something that won’t have any trouble reading burned copies?[/QUOTE]

Well even if you did take it apart and change the laser nothing would happen because the encryption is on the dvd itself. I also think that in order to burn a good copy though clonecd or any similar program, you would need a .dvd file containing the correct layer break, for the dual layer images/discs.
Hope that helps.


NAVTEQ is a ripoff. I bought a Garmin wide screen last month for the wife with lifetime traffic and lifetime map updates for $199. NAVTEQ is just robbing people that were unfortunate to get their product in a Honda vehicle. We have always been big Honda fans, but their decision to partner with a company like NAVTEQ is a black eye for them.
I agree that $150 for a simple update is rediculious. I would buy an older version (or bootleg version) if I could find it. 2007 Civic
Honda says the update I need is 2012 Turquoise DVD Map Update v6.A2. This version does not align with the versions on ebay for sale (6.81A[COLOR=black], [COLOR=black]6.72C). My surfing has not been successful yet, but I will keep looking and refuse to be robbed by NAVTEQ. [/COLOR][/COLOR]


Thanks very helpful.


will it work the same with the cx-9 on the mazda6


i am trying to copy my navigation dvd for toyota LC. Finished with fail result


This is an old post i dont know if anyone can help


It’s all being said, just read the threads…


Can i get a copy of that iso




[QUOTE=swakact;2750591]Can i get a copy of that iso[/QUOTE]
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Which ISO?

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Hello guys,
I’m trying to backup my navigation dvd, but I have some trouble.
Navigation DVD have AlphaRom protection.
I found vMediaMaster but only trial:
VmediaMaster is a trail, with is outdated.
Any news about protection alpha rom or sill is it the ADIP ?

Best Regards


mine wasnt being read


I’ve read all from this topic.

  1. Navteq/HERE maps, dvd, for Opel Insignia (DVD800)
  2. ProtectionID and A-ray scanner says that DVD have no security (but in Internet lot of sources confirm Alpha-ROM protection So i don’t know what is true…
  3. I make backup of my map to DVD+R DL Verbatim (MKM003 media ID), booktype changed to DVD-ROM, Liteon IHAS124F burner, ImgBurn software, layerbreak point same as at original DVD

But backup won’t work :confused:

Any ideas ?


I think you don’t have the appropriate hardware (means drive) to create a replicate on a writeable media/disc.

Just use the original you have bought.