Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc



[QUOTE=testerics;2213734]If you have the last firmware update on your navigation… say by-by to working copies!
The 2008/2009 discs for this system will only be recognised by the system if an update was performed with an original. With a copy you may be able to perform an update but the system will not recognize the copy dvd to be a valid navigation disc.
As soon as you perform an update the software will check if the DVD is an original PTP DVD. If not, it will not recognize the DVD .
The continued use of copies of the 2007/2008 software is in most cases also blocked depending on the firmware/hardware version of the various navigation units.
So… bad news! :sad:[/QUOTE]

Hello all. I have tried making a copy of my 2010 v4.81 white disk to no succes. I tried to load the original and swap to the backup, still no luck. Has anybody had a succesful backup of a 2008 or newer disk. I think testerics may have found our problem.


philamber; Good evening

:confused: I am attempting to creat a copy of my daughters SLNS for her Honda Accord 2004 which although it looks to be in prestine condition continues to prompt an error which says: Check Disk on the car display.

:iagree: I have follow all of the steps thus far mention in this thread which has been informative. This is waht i have been able to acceratin:

Honda Accord 2004 Sattelite Linked Navigation System v.3.30: H0410A0410VOL13 [ A165DC03 ] size 6.41 gb

[li]Right protected check: Used A-Array Scanner v.[/li][li]Outcome: No Protection Detected :cool:[/li][/ul]My DVD Unit: Sony Optiarch DVD RW AD-1741s

[li]Media Check: DvD Identifier Decipherer v.5.2.0 : Jan 11 2009[/li][li]Outcome: ERROR : Unsupported Medium Detected :eek:[/li][/ul]I was able to see and copy the files to my Pc Im able to view the jpg file of the map. Do you or anyone in this forum have any idea what maybe causing the non-supported error? in the media identifier? Did i use the wrong software for this check?

I have created a .rar file which i can send to anyone willing to take a look or creat a .iso file for me. I would appreciate any feed back or direction on how to proceed to the burning stage of this mission.

Once again thanks to all in the forum in advance for the help and support. :bow:



Does anyone have links to 05064033AH USA/Canada
Apline REC used in 2006 and up jeep/chrysler
I have the 2006 dvd
Need the latest


[QUOTE=simplewon;2472111]Does anyone have links to 05064033AH USA/Canada[/quote]You may have another look into the forum rules :cop:

Apline REC used in 2006 and up jeep/chrysler
I have the 2006 dvd
Need the latest
Contact your authorized dealer.



Looking at your IP these should be your local dealers:

Or have a look here to order online:

EDIT: @mciahel, i’m not getting old, was browsing the Jeep site much too long - which actually means i am old :wink:


Backed up my Acura 2.05b DVD just fine using the instructions for DVD Decryptor and Nero on a normal 4.7GB single sided Philips DVD. Tried backing up the new 2.70a disc which is now dual-layer. Failed with both TDK and Philips DVD+R DL. Had 4 out of 5 of the Philips discs fail to burn properly. The one that burned and verified fine doesn’t work in the DVD-ROM drive. Going to try Verbatim media tomorrow but not holding out huge hopes.


Went and got Verbatim DVD+R DL 95311. Burned fine with Nero at 4x (lowest option I was given) but it’s not working. Put in the original 2.70a disc and did the update and now it won’t read my backup 2.05a disc anymore either. Tried copying the 2.70a DVD and burning it with ImgBurn but it didn’t work either (set to Book-Type: DVD-ROM in both cases).



Only way it worked for me was ON THE FLY as detailed in my post above


[QUOTE=DickandDom;2474719]Only way it worked for me was ON THE FLY as detailed in my post above[/QUOTE]

I don’t have 2 DVD drives in this machine right now. May have to pull an old server out of storage and pull a drive out of it to try it that way.


Backed up My chrysler AI disc with no problem. Made an ISO with Image burn and used verbatim media.



I advance my bad english. I`m sorry.

I’m trying advertise it in all forums. I`ve gotten to make work a backup of my original DVD of maps in my MFD2 DVD Navy.

Only modifying the firmware with a simple software that automatically update the firmware in 2-3 seconds.

Who is interested can write me to



Backuo of Audi 2010 West Europe done here.

XP3, Intel based mobo, and the musthave Pioneer Drive (IDE 112D fw 128 with bitsetting), burned on a verbatim DVD+R DL, speed x4, with ImgBurn !

Made 10 coasters before this last try, same file, same Verbatim DVD, but 2 Samsung, 1 Asus and even a Pioneer DVR S18 drives, plugged Sata on an Amd mobo+ Windows 7… no succes, and seems at last, that the DVD burner is the only relevant point…
You have to go pioneer…
Found mine for nothing on eBay.:bigsmile:


I have a 2006 Honda Accord and my NAVI disc was ruined by my kids. Is there a way to get a copy of an iso or a backup from someone?


Easy Success!
I have burned 2 successful copies of 2 different Acura Navi discs without wasting multiple DVD’s. After searching numerous blog sites for “How to burn, backup and copy” these types of discs. I’ve found this site the most useful. HOWEVER, I have followed NONE of the information I have found here and have had instant success!

First, let me begin with my PC. I am using a 2-3 year old HP Pavillion Laptop running Vista with the original DVD multi-recorder drive and the original, Roxio Creator Basic version 9, that came installed in the unit (I made NO changes to the software options for burning).

I have a 2003 TL and it came with the 2.05B version (2002 single layer DVD) black Navi disc. I copied this disc by opening Roxio Creator Basic version 9 > selecting Data > Copy Disc onto a Memorex LightScribe DVD+R. I know Roxio says the Copy Disc is for “non copy-protected media”, but it gave not one single error throughout the entire process (guess it’s not protected). After the 1st burn completed, I tried it in my car and it worked as if it were an original. I even did a LightSribe image label on the disc and it still works!

Next, I obtained the 2.70A Version (2009 double layer DVD) black Navi disc from a person I just happened to be talking with who had just brought the disc for $200 usd. I didn’t have enough time to attempt a DVD burn, besides I didn’t have any blanks that could support 6.8GB of data at the time. So I copied the copied & pasted the disc contents onto my external hard drive. Opened Roxio Creator Basic version 9 > selected Data > Data Disc and added only the files & folders I had previously saved and burned it onto a Verbatim DVD+R DL disc from a 5-pack ($17). I tried it in my car…the screen system updated…the screen blacked out…the disc worked, the first time!! All the updated streets and cities I wanted were there, THE FIRST TIME!!! And it only took about 40 mintues total for both discs! I suggest that everyone try this method. I didn’t even try the DVD Decryptor, Nero software and ISO image burning that others advised. And if anyone is having a hard time finding the software, here is a little secret…try a FedEx Office store. Many of these stores have computers that have this exact software for public usage.
Good Luck everyone.


I am looking for a copy of the 2.70A Black Honda Nav disc for backup as well. But - I do not have a burner to create one. Anyone who has the disc willing to burn me a copy for a small fee?


Sorry jenmehl, but you’re only allowed to (let someone) make a backup of your own disc.
Obtaining a backup from somebody else’s copy is forbidden.


Understood completely. I just need to find a way to make a copy then… concerned about scratches on this one.


This forum is really good, unfortunately, I havent met with much success yet in making a backup of my Navigation DVD. Here’s what I’ve got-
I have a 2007 Honda Civic and I just purchased the new Navteq Satellite Navigation System DVD, it is set to the US and the disc version is 6.81A. The software version of the navigation unit is 1.91.00. I have a Vostro 1600 laptop with a HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GSA-T21N ATA dvd burner. I’m using the latest Imgburn software to burn an ISO of the dvd. It creates the ISO with no errors, set to DVD-ROM, and the ISO is about 7.5GB total. I then burn the ISO back onto a blank Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL Recordable DVD. It completes successfully, but when I put the disk in my car’s navigation system it comes back with a Problem reading disk error. It works fine with the original disk i purchased. I’ve also run the A-Ray scanner and no protection was found on the disk. Any suggestions on my next step? Same as most, I purchased a 5 pack of the Verbatim DVD+R DL DVDs and I’ve already burned through 3 trying previous post suggestions so I’m down to 2 blank media left so I’m hoping for some magic here. Thanks for any suggestions.


Apologies in advance if this is a dumb idea, but…

Has anyone tried disassembling a Nav Unit and replacing the DVD reader with an off the shelf unit? Seems that if there is no copy protection, and the media makes a difference for so many people, then why not just swap the hardware with something that won’t have any trouble reading burned copies?


[QUOTE=ingenuity1996;2310969]I do have an original, in fact several. we are a car dealer and we put in backups so they do not get taken from the cars we sell, we keep the original discs with the owners manual in the office. We’ve lost a few discs before thus the quest for a solution.[/QUOTE]

That happend to my dvd!! :a :sad:Does anyone have a used original copy of 2011 Honda Turquoise navigation DVD map v6.92 or a copy that works!!?? :bow: