Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc



Jethro thanks for the help…it’s the same exact disc I have (only North America Maps)…back to square one, need to make my own disc.



Root directory of my Nav Disc for Mazda CX-9 Mazda Part No. GP9A 66 DZ0 C (K4238)


IDX Folder Directory of my Mazda CX-9 Nav Disc Mazda Part No. GP9A 66 DZ0 C (K4238)


Cx-9 Nav Disc Idx Directory:


After reading all these posts I am really confused more than ever. Can someone post a method for backing up the chrysler nav dvd. Part number 05064033AF.


[QUOTE=Turbogn;2045270]After reading all these posts I am really confused more than ever. Can someone post a method for backing up the chrysler nav dvd. Part number 05064033AF.[/QUOTE]

Then answer were already given, its impossible!


Chef…any advice as to which files I should keep to for my system? TIA :slight_smile:


[quote=landatx;2043349]Which is the latest version for the volvo rti dvd 2008 edition?
Thank you[/quote]
Nobody knows wich is the latest version for volvo rti dvd?
Thank You


Hi, I am trying to copy my honda nav disk version 3.2, I am using dvd decrypter with default settings except im using booktype dvd-rom I am using verbatim dvd +r dl disks and i have tried lg drives, plextor drives and phillips drives all which burn disks that don’t work in the honda drive. They all come up with error message saying invalid disk. I am burning at a 2.4 rate I tried slower as well. I have went through a lot of dvds. Any tips for me anyone please? Anyone else get a honda nav disk working? Thanks!!!


Anyone have any success making a backup CD of the VW Navteq disc? I am kind of new to all of this but have tried both CloneCD & Alcohol with poor results (using Sony CD’s).


hi all,
i found that media is problem,
i copy all dvd stuf from volvo RTI to hd,
copy all, except idx folder back to 4.7 gb media. Disc is readable!
try same with Verbatim 8.5 gb media and disc is unreadable
i try same on two volvo. same result. i use toast 9.0.2 sw on mac with pioneer 112 DVD burner.
lets concentrate on media!


i have the GM Nav disc and was wondering if to back it up do i have to use a dual layer disc or can i use a single layer disc


^ If the original disc is a dual layer disc then the back-up copy will have to be too.


Just made a copy of my v2.40 navi disc for my '03 Acura 3.2CL-s. I used an HP 640c burner (supposedly a rebranded benq) with Verbatim 8x discs (MKM-003-00) burning at 2.4x in ImgBurn.

Memorex discs didn’t work. Then it turned out that my burner didn’t support these Verbatim 8x discs. I had to get the media code block from DVD Identifier and edit my firmware with mediacodespeededit to make the drive support the discs. I then burned at 2.4x and it loaded up. Only 8 coasters to get my 1 working disc!


I have seen posts on other forums from people who claim to have made successful copies of the latest Chrysler RB1 Nav disk, 05064033AF. Has anyone here been successful or seen proof that it can now be done?


Yes I have seen proof. A RB1 can be backed up. I know this for sure.


WOooo hooo I did it!


Details my good man, we need details.


[QUOTE=duckfan5554;2120616]Details my good man, we need details.[/QUOTE]

Actaully I was able to make a backup copy of the GM Nav DVD. The real trick is that you have to have a DVD writer that supports writing the ISO file to DVD ROM booktype… You can google your DVD writer and get the info needed to see if yours does…

My laptop made coasters using NERO and my PC made a perfect working backup.

The only difference is the DVD writer. You are waisting your time if your DVD burner doesnt support writing in the booktype ROM.


[QUOTE=duckfan5554;2120616]Details my good man, we need details.[/QUOTE]

Ok I think the real trick is to use nero assuming you have the proper DVD writer. But Not all DVD writers are equal. NERO is probably one of the best DVD burning softwares around and it does all the things you need to do to make a back up disk automatically.

If you can verify that your DVD writer can write the booktype ROM and write a Dual Layer DVD then NERO will take care of the rest

You can download NEROs trial for free but it only lasts for 15 days… its a great software. Id just buy it if you plan on backing up or burning more stuff later. These NAV DVDs are expensive

As a reminder I did back up newest 2008 GM Nav DVD GM Part # 25847541 and it worked great. If you still need help obtaining this disk PM me! :slight_smile: