Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc



The original is a single layer DVD-ROM.

The closest you can get is a single layer DVD+R that uses BookType bitsetting to DVD-ROM (as seen in the second picture in post #160 above). The next best thing is a DVD-R.

There may be other forms of copy protection on this DVD that I know nothing about, so I have no further advice than to use good quality DVD+R media (e.g.Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden) burned at a reasonable speed, e.g. 8x on a desktop drive or 4x on a laptop drive.

Others will have to advise on the copy-protection part (if applicable).


Let me find out what the DVD Model # in my Ls 460 is and then ill do some research on what the dvd player is capable of playing. i burned around 15 DVD’s now.


I am still waiting for an email regarding the DVD Map Navigation Model # so far

I Created an Image using Alcohol and burned used
DVD decrypter at 8X for both:

My DVD + R that i tried is FTI:

i tried DVD - R (Philips):

Its just that i cant find quality DVD + R where i live ill try Sony DVD+ R if thats the case.


Maybe thats the case also. Can anyone guide me through the steps of copy preotection please ?


An hour ago i was with Service Receiption Manager @ lexus and i asked him for the DVD Map Navigation player Model #. He told me we dont actually know it so i suggested he email the inquiry to japan.

He said:they will ask why do you want to know the model #. I also asked him what if it gets corrupted dont you have to know the model # to order it? He said: we order it using the parts # we dont have any idea about the model # it might me maybe pioneer maybe board navigation, but if your so desperate to know what the model is we have to remove it from your car and check.Quite a hassle there. Any help besides getting to know the model # of the DVD navigation player ?


playing around with with the navigation system i found the following…

im not sure if thats the model # …


Hello guys please help me through this im started to feel Frustrated


please heeeeeeeelp


email me i will help you


Email address deleted. You can share your knowledge with all of us :wink:


first i will try to help and after that i will post my experience


Finally i purchased those DVD’s so now can someone provide me for with a tutorial for my case ? The reason im asking is becoz ive seen to many tutorlas

-Alcohol 120
-Img burn
-DVD Decrypter

  • And a lot more With different Writing speeds

so can someone put me on the correct track i dfont want to start coasters again.



Helping is a good thing but it would be even better doing it in the public because that’s what a forum is for. Many people can try your suggestion and you’ll get more feedback if it works or not and maybe someone improves your method.


The methods haven’t changed you have to do some testing with this new brand of media which should be quality media.


Agreed .:slight_smile:


Using what software can i Write the disk in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode. ?? Please someone explain with further steps ?

Found this but didnt understand a word hope someone helps


Did an ISO using alcohol and burned using DVD Decrypter @ 4x but did not manage to get it to read Hmmmmmmmm…

I count 5 differences when comparing the burn DVD with the original …
so can any1 please help me out pleaaaaaaaase ???


Does any1 recommend using NERO 7 ? ( Latest Version ) Im using an older version 6.6.14


I Zipped my DVD MAP NAVIGATION and uploaded it.

Can be downloaded from this link using a download manager such as flashget, Internet download manager, etc:

  • Zip File 97.40MB
    After extracting
    -(MDS & MDF) 349MB [I]Created using Alcohol 120%, Image Making Wizard.[/I]

Anyone that owns an LS 460 and would try a Successful burn attempt please tell me the following:

1- What model of DVD player you are using ?? Ex:BENQ model # ?

2-What High quality DVD’s are you using ? Verbatim, sony, etc … ?

3-Whats the burning software that u are using and what version ? DvD decrypter, Nero, Img Burn, etc … ?

4-What writing speed do you use?? 2.4x 4x 8x etc…?

For other languages visit:


Is there anyone here smart enough to properly make an ISO and host it?

I’ve used K3b and successfully burned several copies of North America 2003 and Europe 2005.

[B]I’m in need of the North America 2005 Disc[/B]but can’t get a hold of it. (Tried finding local cars at a dealership to test drive for 30 min while i make an iso on my laptop, but none have nav)

If anyone has the Navteq (Navtech) 2005-2 DVD SDAL format please msg me!


Tried everything to make a backup of my Navtech disc for use on my RB1. Made about 50 DL coasters of all brands, so please don’t suggest it’s the media. Has everyone still pretty much given up on making a working backup for the RB1 unit? My disc is getting pretty scratched up from having to remove every time I want to put in a CD. I had the AE version, but got broken and now using the AC version. I don’t want to fork out another $150 on the AE version if I know there isn’t a way to make a backup. Any truth to the PTP theory?