Make a backup of your CD/DVD navigation disc



I have a Navtech DVD car navigation disc, adn I want to make a back up
for safety reasons :slight_smile:
The original is 7,8GB big.
What software do I have to use to make this copy?

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I stickied this post today as many users want to make a backup of their CD/DVD navigation disc. Start reading this thread and try the suggested methods before you post! If it’s not working use this thread and describe your problem including the model of your navigation system, the version of your navigation disc, region of the disc (EU, USA, Spain, Germany, UK,…), program you used (including version), settings and your brand/type of your blank media used for the backup (Use DVD Identifier for DVDs and CDR Idenfier for your CDs). I’ll delete all post which don’t contain any information which is mentioned here and requests for missing files, discs, etc… to keep this thread clean! Here are some links to other threads which may also solve your problem found via our forum search using navigation as keyword.

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p.s. Everyone who successfully created a backup is more than welcome posting how she/he did it, thanks in advance kalas.


I think your only option is to use a DVD+DL disc.

Ben :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for your reply.
I’m gonna try that.

Do you perhaps know whether these discs have a copy protection?


Unfortunately that didn’t work.

Already messed up 2 DVD DL discs :a

The size of the copy some kb’s smaller then the orginal dvd.
I am afraid that some kind of protection is installed as well.

With which program can I check DVD’s on protection software?


A-Ray Scanner.

  1. Scan with A-Ray
  2. Let us know what protection it uses
  3. Hopefully- we will be able to tell you how to make a backup copy (still on a DL disc).

What was the error it gave you when you tried it in your car navigation system? What is the name of the software exactly?

Ben :slight_smile:


Use DVD Decrypter in ISO mode to read & write disk
Make sure the dual layer disk burnt is set to booktype DVD-ROM


Thanks for your reactions.

If I scan with A Ray it informs me that there is no protection detected.

The original disk is 7,8GB

A Ray gives the following info:
Data Tracks:1
Audio Tracks:0

I find it strange that A Ray comes up with 4018MB, compared to the original disc of 7,8GB.

I have also tried to make an iso file of it, that one became 8,1GB.

The disc gives the following information:
Ver.2.1 2004-2005
Navigation System

Hopefully you can give me some help.

Thanks in advance



@fljoemon, i now made an iso on my hard dsic with DVD Decrypter. Does DVD Decrypter
support DL discs? Or do you use antother program to burn the iso?


Dvd Decrypter supports dual layer burning. In fact it’s probably the best app to use to burn a dual layer disc as it’s perhaps the only one that consistently gets the layer break in the right place. Just use Iso write mode and load the image from the .mds file.


OK, I will give it a try this evening. Thanks.

Does anyone know why A Ray comes up with a file that is 4018MB big?


fljoemon and philamber you’re great.

Your tips did the trick. Thanks a lot :bigsmile:


I have the GM Ver.3.0 Nav disk. Tried to make two backups with no success.
I used Verbatum +R DL disk
with a Pioneer A08 DVD - DL Drive with the latest firmware upgrades.
Used DVD Decrypter in ISO mode to read
Used DVD Decrypter in ISO mode to write using the MDS file.
My computer says ‘Write Successful’ However when I put it into the Nav unit I get an error message.

Anyone backup this DVD yet? I’d hate to have a problem with the original an need to pay 400 plus to GM for a replacement.


How do you selct the "booktype DVD-ROM) option when burning the backup copy. I created an image on my hard drive of the disc but when I burn it I can’t find the option to make it a “Booktype”


Your burner has to be “Booktype” capable. I own a BenQ 1620 DVD burner that is capable of changing the booktype of DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Also most of the NEC DVD burners with patched firmwares can support changing booktypes.


Hi All, I have come for some advice off the masters as it seems you have already helped someone else with the same problem. I am new to this fourm so please forgive me if a get things wrong.

I have a legal copy of the Volvo RTI DVD Nav disks part no t1000-9524c and want to back it up to use instead of the originals. The manufactures of the disks is Navteq.

I have made a ISO copy using DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 using default settings. When I write the disk back using an LG DVD writer that supports booktype all I seem to dois turn the disk in to coasters (5 in total now )

When I write the Iso file back using DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0 to a DL +R DL disk that I have set the booktype to “change for” dvd +r dl and the new setting to DVD –Rom.

A Ray say that there is no protection

The original disk size = 6.70GB or 7,201,683,456 bytes with no free bytes
The copied disk size = same as above and when viewed in windows it has the same file name and even says it’s a dvd –rom

When the copied disk is inserted the system does the following

1 message saying please wait, after about a minute you get another message
2 The disk in the dvd player cannot be read please check disk

Sorry for the long post just wanted to get as much info in as poss.

Any ideas would be greatly received Cheers for now


Hello V7olw,

Couple of questions …

  1. Which brand od Dual Layer disk are you using?
  2. Are you selecting the the MDS file when using DVDDecrypter to write back the the ISO copy?


Hi fljoemon

Yes I am sure I used the mds file when burning the iso file back to disk,

the dvd disk I have turned in to coasters are RiDisc dvd +r DL 8.5GB 240mins 2.4x speed.



I have used only Verbatim Dual Layer Disks for the navigation backups. Could you please try using Verbatim and burn them only at 2.4x.


I will give it ago, thanks