?make 2 copies of same dvd without restart

anyone have any idea how?

untick ‘Delete Temporary video files after writing’ on last page, insert blank when 1st burn is complete, press Go.

Thanks for your reply. I tried that and keep getting an error message that says the file is no longer available. Any ideas?

There is no need to untick “Delete temporary video files after writing” leave it ticked.
When you finished writing the disc and “Eject” comes up,just eject the disc and put another one straight in and press “write”.It should start writing again.It has worked every time for me.
Because you are still on the write page the file is still in the CloneDVD2 temp file and will not be erased unless you go back or restart the program etc. As long as you just eject the disc and put another in you should be able to repeat this again and again

  1. Prepare your DVD (select titles,streams, etc.) and write to files. You can check the files with your favourite Player Software. If all is well,
  2. Write Existing Data. As often as you like. Again and again.

Thank you for your post. I will give this a try.I appreciate your help.

Can’t you just hit burn again? I never tried it, but the burn or go button stays active after a burn. Does it start all over or does it burn the temp files?

It burns the temp files, but a clever CloneDVD dude never uses temp files anyway.

What i do is after is burns i go into the file and where it says video_ts I remove the “s” at the end then use another burning software to burn the file by just adding the “s” back after i reset clonedvd 2. That way your file is on your hard drive and wont automatically erase the temp file. I know it’s not as easy as what the other advise was but its another way of doing it-lol