Majority plans to buy HDTV within 12 months

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According to a survey the majority of the people in the United States plans to buy an HDTV within the next 12 months. This proves that high-definition is definitely on the shopping…

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Nice job on giving us a link to the survey results, Tim. No, don’t get up. Finish your latte. I’ll go look for it.

Anyway, the survey was from Sept. 8-22, 2008. Wasn’t this before the global economy had a nuclear meltdown? I bet if that survey was taken again today by the same people, you would get some very different results.

Call me crazy, but I think people (let’s call them struggling homeowners) would prefer eating real food over watching people on HDTV eating food.

Thanks Duke, another reason to join your fanclub:bigsmile:

I will purchase a HDTV when prices come down lower I still believe they are too high because most of these TV’s will only last 5 Years Max if the backlight doesn’t burn out before then lmao.

Yeah really,I’ll just wait for the market to lose another 20% then I’ll run out and revamp my low definition home theater to all Hi-Def for about $10,000. PuuuuhhhhfuckinLeeezzz. Maybe in 5 years.

I agree with Duke, think that more people will hopefully be smarter and not buy into anything since the economy is in crisis now.

@JJJB Actually, how low-def are you talking you currently have. If you have invested heavily in VHS, then yea, stick with your current setup. If you are invested in DVD, then you can get a decent HDTV for like $500-700 for a 720p set. If you wanted to get a really nice 1080p 40inch, they are like $1,000 on Amazon (not $10,000). Granted, blu-ray has its own associated costs, but just getting an HDTV will make standard DVDs look better than using an old Analog set.

Yeah vikampion, I watch very few DVD movies. Everything I watch comes off my Pioneer 57-H TiVo DVD recorder and the free analog cable that goes into it, Then into an old Sherwood Newcastle reciever/switcher out via S-Video into an old 64 inch Pioneer CRT Big Screen. So for me to go HD 1080P HDMI 1.3 I’d have to change over EVERYTHING and it would cost A LOT. Of course it would cost nothing compared to what my net worth has shrunk in the last few days :sad:

btw I’m a video tech/cameraman for a living and business is DOWN.

Or another reason to not become a member :slight_smile:

A HDTV aint worth it unless your old CRT TV has carked it. Even then a lot of “cheaper” HDTV’s are not very good value as they’re usually limited to a 1366x768 resolution and crappy contrast.

BitRate I Agree 100% I just baught a CRT TV from WalMart about 2 Years ago and the colors are very good and I don’t see any whiteness in dark area’s something LCD HD TV’s have problems with plus them TV’s are too expensive and are more risky why should I pay $500 for a newer TV I have to junk in 5 Years or Less? it would be a shame to lose that kinda money and I am on a tight budget so i’ll stick it out.