Majority of Windows 10 computers send full diagnostic data back to Microsoft

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The majority of Windows 10 computers with the Creators Update installed send full diagnostics data to Microsoft, according to a blog on the Microsoft website. Under pressure of, amongst others, the Swiss privacy watchdog FDPIC, Microsoft decided to add new privacy setting to the installation process.

And that was the day I permanently switched to Linux.

Says the minority…right.

Well I always say that I will e switching to linux, but for some reason i keep coming back to windows.

I guess windows has the magic touch when it comes to killing you with convenience.

W10 Pros:
DirectX (And gaming in general).

Linux (Ubuntu in my case) Pros:
Better performance on “bad/old” PCs.
They do not spy you.
More control over system settings in YOUR system.
More customization options. (I even find default Ubuntu to be prettier than default W10, but this is just personal opinion).
Updates are much easier (don’t even require a restart).
Following last one, updates are easier to get (sudo apt-get update/upgrade).

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]
W10 Pros:
DirectX (And gaming in general).[/quote]Windows didn’t become where it was just because of gaming…others where late to the UI and that is where it started and isn’t going to change because of this.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]Linux (Ubuntu in my case) Pros:[/quote]If this were only true but Linux already lost to Windows out of the Track. Nothing said or done will change this fact that it is World wide accepted already for all the pitfalls and glory of Windows.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]Better performance on “bad/old” PCs.[/quote]I ran W7 and W10 on a Dell 1525 without much problem. So bubble bursted here.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]They do not spy you.[/quote]It’s also called auto software update.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]Free.[/quote]Free here doesn’t always equate to better.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]More control over system settings in YOUR system.[/quote]It’s their O/S kernel so they get to make the choice. We have to live with that.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]More customization options. (I even find default Ubuntu to be prettier than default W10, but this is just personal opinion).[/quote]In the eye of the beholder the GUI can be also configure as well so there is more then just customization.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]Updates are much easier (don’t even require a restart).[/quote]Restart is better in terms of compatibility and knowing something was properly loaded and works.

[quote=“hogger129, post:5, topic:398931, full:true”]Following last one, updates are easier to get (sudo apt-get update/upgrade).[/quote]Once you get Windows loaded machine you already paid for it and it will auto update in Home unless you get Pro but then again it will update to protect for those whom forgets to turn this on.

This is one side of the story, my thoughts on this was the fact that it was the platform that almost offered pirated software, form the OS, that for a long time only needed a serial number, and most software could be very easily found.

Up to a certain point thats true, but if the hardware is very old nothing can make it work.

True, and hopefully it would never do that.

Yes, for personal use, if you are in corporate environment that you will have to pay for support, but for personal use its 100% free.

Again 100% and if you are willing to give it time then you will learn even more things, but I said windows is offering convenience, and most people want that.

True. I dont like that much the windows10 theme, i would prefer the win7 look, but its not a huge problem for me.

Updates are an essential part of each operating system, and every one should have the latest security and software updates on their system. On the reboot part, well its not the end of the world for personal use, the problem was that with the first editions of win10 ms updated they OS, and decided that it was OK to just reboot, on all the previous version you had more control on how updates are delivered, and when you wanted to reboot the pc.

Linux has gone a long way, and nowdays its very easy to learn much easier to setup and also to use.
Also you can very easily to try it, and see if you like it, it only needs a DVD-ROM or USB flash drive to boot and work. As far as I know you can try it from window10 if you want learn the basics.
Everything has a learning curve, once you get pass this, you will be able to find what is better for you, OS X, Linux, Windows, what ever is best for your needs.

I dont think that auto update has anything to do with spying. Unless we are talking about android.

I am sure that many admin get very scary when they thing that they might need to restart a server, again it has to do with what you do, if its a server then restarting is not an options most of the time, if you are a PC user, then why not.