Major tmpgenc problem

ok i recently got 4 dvds and had to pass them on so i ripped them to my computer. as avi files.
now i want to be able to play these on my dvd player and do the same thing as they were before…5-6 episodes on one dvd.

now, i have dvd lab pro, i have tmpgenc and i used to knwo how to do this cause i did it all teh time, but i have a slight problem with tmpgenc.
basically, if i remember well id go through teh whoel process without a single problem, and i remember when i selected video input file it would automatically select the same file as audio input file. now when i do it it’s nto liek that. it doesnt select the same file as audio file, PLUS it says “cannot open or unsupported”. what does that mean? anyone else has these troubles? or knows hwo to fix it?

thanx in advance. hopefully i made some sense here. :frowning:

It usually says “cannot open or unsupported” when the correct codecs are not installed. Thats probably why it will not select the right file . I imagine the audio is AC3 codec and that is what is missing. Try gspot to check what is missing.

actually i do have ac3 filter installed, and it did ask me to reinstall xvid codec so i did, but it still wont work. i did check with the gspot and heres what i got. it obviously wont load the ac3 codec (or what?, canuse i dont see it listed there)

any other suggestions?