Major sound problems



I am the producer of two video shows for public access TV. I have been having sound problems. First off, I produce the shows using adobe premier 6.0. I then load the finished product back onto the camcorder and upload into Nerovision2. Here’s the problem, I burn the dvd. It plays fine on my home dvd player and on the dvd players of a couple of friends. I take it over to a friend who has surround sound and the sound cuts in and out. I thought I fixed the problem and went ahead and sent it to the public access station for airing. When it aired, the same cut outs happened.

A. I know it’s not a problem with premier because prior to the final edit, I took the first tape over to my friend’s house and played it through the camcorder and the sound on the TV was fine. The issue has to be with Nerovision2.

Does anyone have any ideas or is it my burner which is a Toshiba CD/dvdw SD-R5372 DVD/Cd-R?


First thought is bad media, what kind are you using? Use a program like DVD Identifier to tell you the media codes, and post those back here.


if i may ask, why are you using nero vision?

premiere can output to dvd files or as an ISO then if you need to shrink it use a transcoder like dvd shrink that has advanced quality options.

I’m just wondering why nero vision is used since the extra processing could very well reduce quality. nero vision is gneerally used to convert a non-dvd file into dvd compliance and to create some simple menus. for broadcast it does not seem like you’d need menus, and if you’re using it to convert that means that you’re adding an extra step and extra time by not saving it directly to dvd format from within premiere.

PS, you should hire a recent film/tv production college grad to do all that stuff for you :wink: hint, hint…


i don’t have a way to burn to dvd directly from premier…i still need a program to burn it with. Ideas?


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are you saying you don’t have a dvd burner on that computer? i’m confused now…

theoretically the easiest way would be to import and do all your editing in premiere, export to an image file on your hard drive, do any shrinking and transcoding that is necessary with dvd shrink from that image file, then burn with nero burning rom.

if this is not possible i’m totally missing why…

do you do your burning somewhere other than where you do your editing? like are premiere and nero on different computers?

if that’s the case then your best bet to avoid over processing wouldbe to invest in a cheap external drive (or an internal drive and an inexpensive enclosure) to transport the dvd image file from premiere to the computer that has the dvd burner.

you can also download dvd shrink to the computer that has premiere in order to shrink the dvd down to size before taking it to the computer than can burn it then just use nero burning rom rather than vision

or am i way off base about your situation?

i know i’m not being very helpful as far as nero vision goes, but nero can be quite buggy. I’m just trying to offer alternatives in case no one has any input about what might cause the issue with nero. it’s very possible that it’s some random bug or something.


i didn’t know about the image file thing…thank you. That’s what I have been trying to figure out…how to get it to burn directly to dvd without having to use the Nero. Thanks.


if you go to premiere you can export directly to dvd…

file>export>dvd and cut out ALL the middlemen


thank you