Major Ritek media snafu? (DVD+R labeled as CD-R?)

The original poster of this thread in the German Doom9 forums mentioned that he got some Verbatim Extra Protection CD-R (43351, 50 disc cakebox) which are actually RITEK R03 DVD+R.

I had a good laugh but haven’t seen any photos of these so it’s hard to believe :bigsmile:
But with Ritek’s famous QC (and with other companies mixing DVD+R and DVD-R together), I believe everything is possible…

Background information:
Verbatim’s Extra Protection CD-R is not made with their own Super Azo technology, but media from other disc manufacturers with their own technologies. The Extra Protection CD-R are made by CMC, Prodisc, Ritek, Daxon, Moser Baer India.
Verbatim’s Pearl White 8x DVD+R series (only sold in Europe), similar to the Extra Protection CD-R to some extent, were CMC MAG E01 or RITEK R03.

Most of Ritek’s CD-R production has been relocated to China while the DVD production is in Taiwan. :eek:
If they have a common packaging facility, it still doesn’t speak for their QC system, but could at least explain what happened.

I haven’t seen such a cakebox :frowning:
Has anybody in here experienced stuff like that?

So , what’s next ? floppy discs in BD-RE packages ? :bigsmile:

LOL! Doesn’t surprise me at all, as anything is possible :bigsmile:

I wouldn’t mind getting 50 DVD’s for the price of CD’s, even RITEK R03 :bigsmile:

In the early days of (pressed) CD, I once got a Chick Corea album, labeled as such inside and out, but which had the Glenn Miller Orchestra on it :eek:

Thanks for the laugh, [B]evilboy[/B]… why am I not more surprised than I am? :bigsmile:

If it was the other way around I wouldn’t mind :bigsmile:

Yeah but then you need to pay through the nose for a Blu-ray burner :bigsmile:

Edit: or just mug zevia :wink: