Major record labels unite to take legal action against Youtube ripping websites

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Universal, Sony and Warner Bros, the three largest record labels of the world, have sued two sites where YouTube videos can be downloaded as MP3 files. Both sites are reportedly managed from Russia and make use of servers located in Germany.

youtube-dl FTW

I’m guessing the sites in the article offer a transcoded audio file that’s hosted temporarily on their servers, as otherwise yeah youtube-dl offers a range of options, including just grabbing the original AAC audio stream.

(FWIW I don’t use it to download music streams like this)

I use a Tampermoney script in Chrome that downloads directly from the Youtube website.

And this stop what? It just invites more privacy in the end.

Yeah that will scare them…they miss them and what about the Artists whom made them??? Notice how they conveniently miss mentioning the Artists whom created those songs.


youtube-dl is awesome. I don’t even bother watching anything on YouTube without it! If you’re worried about the connection dropping or something, you can combine youtube-dl with an external downloader like aria2c or axel, which give you better download resuming than what would otherwise be possible.

It also makes it easier to download videos for offline viewing. This is great if you’re on a mobile plan that severely limits your data, or if you don’t have a mobile connection at all. Also, if you anticipate having trouble connecting to a mobile network (bad reception, perhaps?), this will also make it easier to watch YouTube videos.

In addition, contrary to what the name implies, youtube-dl isn’t limited to only YouTube. It can also rip videos from plenty of other websites as well.

As for the record labels, they can go (perform adult acts on) themselves. Especially the RIAA. Suck it, RIAA!