Major raids in Mexico (IFPI Press Release)



I just posted the article Major raids in Mexico (IFPI Press Release).

During the past two weeks, authorities from the Mexican Attorney General’s office (PGR), the Public Security Group from Mexico State and local police forces have intensified their anti-piracy…

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So someone in the Mexican Govt. finally decided to send a signal to pirates operating there: Drug cartels are not the only ones who need to pay us off to look the other way. Your free ride is over!


Good to bring the large-scale pirates down over there. There is a lot of piracy due to the extreme low salaries. But this will mean a lot of (unaware non-educated) people will lose their (unofficial) underpaid job. Hopefully IFPI does something for them (they are also victim), finding a job in Mex is allready hard. just my 2 cents.


They Just Cut the tail of the lizard…