Major probs with sony and lg pleaz help im at my wits end



:bow: i have an es103a bought from pc world i bought it with just a cd rom and installed a sony dvd/rw and found it would play audio but not dvd i installed nero oem suite and found it wouldnt do anything atall after that…so i bought an external plug and play dvd player/dual cd/dvdrw and still had problems it would burn audio cd but not dvd in correct format then after a powercut i rebooted the computer and dont have anything cdrom,dvd/rw and external dvd/rw windows error message code 37:i tried rolling back drivers,installing and uninstalling then reboot but device manager says the devices are working properly im new to the computer so any help would be greatfully appreciated as i am at my wits end :sad:


:clap: problem solved windows errors 37 but new p[roblem arises when trying to burn nero missing original windows wnasp132.dll any one know where i can download this file from??? :confused:


Hi :slight_smile:
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Go [B]here[/B] for driver.


:smiley: many thanks zebadee and big thanks welcoming me to the forum :slight_smile:


:doh: sorry to be a pain but how do i add the wnaspi32.dll to the nero folder it saved in my documents also adobe problem persists before the file download im running nero 6 i had no problems until win error37 came on the scene ive noticed on different web sites alot of people with the same problem its so humiliating and frustrating :o please help again :bow: